Air Abrasion in Post Office Square, Boston, MA

Air abrasion is a drill-less, gentle approach to decay removal, functioning as the ideal option for patients with small cavities while reducing the need for dental anesthesia. It is a great alternative for patients who experience dental anxiety.

What Is Air Abrasion?

An air abrasion unit is an instrument that is like a sandblaster. It sends out a stream of compressed air or gas and fine particles onto the tooth's surface, particularly at stained or decayed parts of the tooth.

The particles are composed of silica, baking soda, or aluminum oxide.

As the particles strike the stained or decayed surfaces, they remove the discoloration and decay.

During this process, all the particles are suctioned into our intraoral suction (the long, vacuum-like instrument used during most dental procedures).


What Are the Benefits of Air Abrasion in Post Office Square?

There are multiple benefits of air abrasion, including:

  • The process generates no heat, pressure, or vibration, making it a completely comfortable experience
  • The instrument does not generate any sound either, unlike a dental handpiece (drill), the sound of which disturbs some patients
  • The particles only remove damaged structures, leaving healthy tooth structure intact
  • It can eliminate the need for dental anesthesia
  • Air abrasion in Post Office Square can contribute to less time in the dental chair (if the cavity is small)

Is Air Abrasion Safe?

Yes, it is! However, we always make sure to take precautions by giving our patients protective eyewear during the procedure. This eyewear helps prevent the particles from landing on or in the eye and causing irritation.

We also typically use a rubber dam during procedures that require air abrasion. A rubber dam is a thin rubber square that we hole-punch. The teeth we are treating fit into the holes, and the rubber fits snuggly around the tooth at the gumline.

The rubber dam helps protect the sensitive gum tissue from being sprayed with particles. Additionally, it also prevents the particles from being swallowed or inhaled.

Even though we use a rubber dam, we will always use our dental suction tip to suction most of the particles for optimal comfort.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Air Abrasion?

Nearly everyone is a good candidate for air abrasion unless they have a sensitivity to silica, baking soda, or aluminum oxide.

Another factor to consider is whether the procedure calls for air abrasion or not. Unfortunately, not all restorative dental procedures can be completed using the air abrasion unit. It is not intended for:

  • Deep cavities (those that are close to the nerve of the tooth)
  • Cavities in between the teeth
  • Scenarios in which some enamel needs to be removed to access decay
  • Crown, inlay, or onlay preparations

The procedures for air abrasion in Post Office Square include:

  • Small cavities
  • Cavities on the lip/cheek surfaces of the tooth
  • Cavities on the biting surfaces of the tooth
  • Removing stains

We Will Always Find Ways to Make You as Comfortable as Possible

Our two main goals are to keep our patients comfortable (physically and emotionally) and help them achieve and maintain good oral health. Air abrasion in Post Office Square allows us to do that.

We only remove the stain or decay. We do not have to remove any of the enamel, which keeps the structure of your tooth intact, so it is stronger and healthier.

Because we do not usually need to use anesthesia with air abrasion, the procedure is more comfortable. The quiet machine also helps quiet our patient's nerves, helping anxious patients relax during their procedure.

If there is ever a way for us to make our patients more comfortable during treatment, you can be sure we will do it!

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