General Dental Patient Information in Post Office Square, Boston, MA

The Dental Group at Post Office Square provides specialized dental care to our neighbors in Downtown Boston. We are committed to offering the most appropriate treatment for every patient and their unique needs. These are some ways we can accomplish that.


Patient Education

An immensely important part of our dental philosophy is patient education. The more you know, the more likely it is that you will be able to reduce your risk of developing dental diseases. We know you want to keep all your teeth for a lifetime, and proper education can help.

During your check-ups and dental cleanings in Post Office Square, we will make sure to review oral hygiene instructions, which includes:

  • Proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Frequency of hygiene
  • The latest tools for dental home care
  • The latest products for use at home

Additionally, whenever you need restorative dental treatment, we will take the time to explain:

  • Why it is needed
  • What alternatives are available
  • The pros and cons of all treatment options
  • What will happen at your appointment(s)


We want to make going to the dentist as easy as possible. Here is how we do that.

Multiple Dentists

To ensure you get the care you need, our practice is made up of multiple dentists and a large dental team. We have set up our practice this way so that our patients are seen in a timely manner and are able to see their dentist for regular prevention and maintenance appointments exactly when they are due for them.

Early Hours

We start seeing patients at 7:30 am Monday through Friday. We know earlier appointments help you move onto the rest of your To-Do list for the day.


Appointment Reminders

We use an automated appointment reminder system to help you remember your appointments. Our team understands how easy it can be to forget an appointment you scheduled six months ago and that life throws curveballs every once in a while, which also makes it easy to forget appointments.

Our automated system will call your home or cell phone number. Follow the prompts provided to confirm or cancel the appointment.

If you are not available when the system calls you, it will leave a message. We request that you call us back to confirm or reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. Failure to notify our office of a cancellation may result in a failed appointment fee.

Billing, Insurance, and Payments

We utilize electronic claims processing. Instead of sending claims through the mail, we send them electronically to your insurance company with a click of a button.

We choose this route because it helps ensure that:

  • The information is submitted more efficiently
  • The claim form has fewer errors (if any!)
  • The turnaround on a claim is faster
  • Fewer claims are denied

We are happy to submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf. Please have your correct insurance card available for your new patient appointment. And if there are any changes to your insurance (policy changes, a new insurance company, etc.), please let us know as quickly as possible so we can avoid denied claims and ensure timely payments.


Financial Options

For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment options. Our team will discuss the total cost of your treatment plan, as well as your estimated portion (whether you are 100% responsible for the cost or have a copayment with your insurance coverage).

Payments for your dental treatment can be made with:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Patient Forms

Our staff looks forward to meeting you and discussing your goals. We strive to keep our appointments on time as scheduled. For your convenience, our patient registration forms are available online through the link below. Please complete all forms prior to your appointment to ensure a timely start to your visit and a smooth check-in process.

New Patient Registration / Health History Update


Open Communication Is the Key

Your Post Office Square dental team believes in open, two-way communication.

If you have a question about the billing process or have had changes in your life that are making payments difficult, please talk to us. When the lines of communication remain open, we are more likely to come up with a mutually beneficial solution.

Likewise, if you have questions about your treatment plan, please ask us. We want you to feel confident when you invest in your treatment plan. Oftentimes, that requires extra patient education, which we are happy to provide for you.

Keeping the lines of communication open will help us serve you better and can lead to a lasting dental healthcare partnership.

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