Teeth Whitening in Post Office Square, Boston, MA

Whitening your teeth is a fun, fast, and easy way to enhance your smile. Your Post Office Square dentist offers multiple professional options for brightening your teeth. These professional options are often more effective and safer, so you can protect your teeth and gums while achieving the smile of your dreams.


Why Choose Professional Whitening Systems

Professional teeth whitening systems often cost more than over-the-counter options. That is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Professional teeth whitening is an investment in your smile and the health of your oral tissues. Therefore, most people find that professional products:

  • Cause very little sensitivity (if any at all)
  • Are less likely to irritate the gums
  • Whiten the teeth faster
  • Provide better whitening results

Post Office Square Dental Teeth Whitening Systems

In-office whitening typically provides faster results, brightening your teeth up to seven shades in under an hour. At-home whitening is more convenient for some people but requires a time commitment. Whitening trays are worn for at least an hour a day. Brightening up to seven shades can take approximately two weeks.

We offer in-office and at-home whitening options for our patients via three whitening systems.


Zoom! Whitening

The Zoom! Whitening system is done in-office. We isolate your teeth and apply the Zoom hydrogen peroxide (25%) whitening gel. After that, we shine a UV light on your teeth that activates the gel. During the whitening process, you will wear protective eyewear.

The gel is reapplied after 15 minutes, after which the UV light is applied to the teeth again. We complete this process three times. The procedure takes 45 minutes. You will be in the dental chair for about an hour in total.

Glo Whitening System

The benefits of the Glo Whitening System:

  • It is gluten-free
  • It is vegan
  • The company promises zero sensitivity
  • You get results two times faster than over the counter products

The Glo Whitening kit includes a heat and LED light whitening mouthpiece and Glo whitening gel (approximately 42 applications). You will also receive things like a rechargeable USB power pack, a storage case, a travel pouch, and a lip care product.

Like Zoom!, Glo uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated by the LED light. You place the whitening gel inside the mouthpiece and wear the mouthpiece for eight minutes. You will need to repeat this process four times a day for three to five days.


Opalescence At-Home Whitening System

The Opalescence system is another at-home whitening system that relies solely on a gel to brighten the teeth.

We will create models of your teeth, from which custom whitening trays will be fabricated. You dispense a little bit of whitening gel into each tooth of the tray, place the tray, and wear it for the time recommended by the manufacturer (ranges from 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on the strength of the gel). After a week or two, your teeth will be significantly brighter.

The great thing about this system is that the whitening gel comes in four different strengths: 10%, 15%, 20%, and 35%. The 10% option is ideal for patients with a history of sensitivity, while the 35% is for those who have zero sensitivity and want to brighten their teeth fast.


What to Do If You Experience Sensitivity

If you experience sensitivity while whitening, let us know right away. We can reduce the strength of the whitening gel or recommend you wear the gel for less time. Additionally, we can provide you with products or product recommendations that can significantly reduce your overall sensitivity and make whitening your teeth more comfortable.

We Are Ready to Help You Achieve a More Beautiful Smile

In addition to helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy, we also want to help you achieve a smile you are proud to share with the world. Whether you simply want to whiten your teeth or want a complete smile makeover, let us know. Your Post Office Square dentist will create a treatment plan that will outline esthetic procedures that can help enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

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